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SBAY Monthly Update - January 2011

Monthly SBAY Pizza meeting #208

Remember, SBAY Pizzas are on 3rd Saturdays at 7PM - mark your calendar.

Date/Time: 7PM Saturday, January 15, 2011

Location: Pizza My Heart at 117 E San Carlos, San Jose, CA

Directions: http://www.sbay.org/dir-sj-dt-pmh.html

If you're on Facebook, see SBAY's page on FB - click on "like". Optionally, you may RSVP for the SBAY Pizza at the event page on FB. RSVPs are not required, but are accepted via e-mail, Facebook or any way you can get the message to us.

If you can't join us in person, we usually try to have someone on Internet Relay Chat (IRC) in #sbay.org on freenode.net. We'll be on after we set up the network.

About SBAY Pizzas

SBAY Pizza monthly meetings are where the various technical communities get together for technical discussion. It's all about electronic communications. Topics can range from Linux servers to emergency communications support to aerospace telemetry, and many other topics. Any of the special interest groups of SBAY (SVWUX, Stratofox, Linux Picnic, RadioExam, Direxant, SVPerl) can plan, discuss and promote events at this forum.

Bring your new and exciting gadgets to show. Let's talk tech.

Some recurring subjects evolve with current technical topics along the themes of electronic communications systems and Open Source software. We generally talk until the restaurant closes, and sometimes continue outside Topics can often include...

  • Any current news from projects and SIGs under the umbrella of sbay.org, or suggestions for new ones. SBAY Pizzas have started many new projects.
  • Any member's or participant's accomplishments or other cause for celebration, if it's related to SBAY or SIG activities
  • Internet server administrivia, protocols, security, and development
  • Wireless networking including but not limited to 802.11 WiFi
  • Ham Radio repeaters, transmitter hunting, and data communications (Transmitter hunting topics can include rockets and high-altitude balloons)
  • recent network provider blunders
  • Silicon Valley economic observations... what's up or down?
  • more... bring up your own subject

SBAY News Highlights

South Bay Community Network (SBAY)

  • We're obviously running late on that election for 2011 officers. Owen DeLong has offered to act as votetaker. Expect Craig to announce it soon.

Linux Picnic

  • It's time to start organizing for Picn*x 20 - this year will be the 20th anniversary for Linux and the 10th anniversary for the Linux Picnic!

Stratofox Aerospace Tracking Team

  • Stratofox will help to track a high-altitude balloon for the California Near Space Project (CNSP) on Sat Feb 5. Contact us if interested.
  • Eric Knight KB1EHE published a book "The New Race to Space" about the CSXT Space Shot and the people who made it happen. There's a chapter about Stratofox. See the announcement on our mail list.

Silicon Valley Wireless Users & eXperimenters (SVWUX)

  • SVWUX has installed a new antenna at CMU Silicon Valley to connect the building to SVWUX's Santa Clara Emergency Wireless Network (SCEWN)

Silicon Valley Perl (SVPerl)

  • SVPerl had a great meeting at the new site at Ixia in Santa Clara on Jan 6. Ed Sweeney presented about SWiG (Simple Wrapper and Interface Generator). He posted his slides.
  • For the Feb meeting, our host at Ixia will be out of town Feb 3. Do we want to postpone a week to Feb 10? Or keep it Feb 3 at a different location?

News via Twitter


  • SBAY_ORG: #SBAY Pizza tonight at 7pm at Pizza My Heart at 117 E San Carlos, San Jose, CA http://www.sbay.org/dir-sj-dt-pmh.html
    Sat 15-Jan-2011 11:24:56 PST
  • SBAY_ORG: SBAY Pizza location for Sat 1/15 (and 1Q 2011) selected: Pizza My Heart, 3rd & San Carlos in downtown SJ - directions soon
    Thu 13-Jan-2011 15:55:28 PST
  • SBAY_ORG: RT @SVPerl: Directions to SVPerl meeting at Ixia, Santa Clara, Thu Jan 6 at 7pm http://svperl.org/page/MeetingInfo #perl #opensource
    Wed 5-Jan-2011 11:31:42 PST
  • SBAY_ORG: Happy New Year! SBAY's first project will be configuring some donated servers. Interested in helping our community? Contact us.
    Sat 1-Jan-2011 02:16:48 PST
  • SBAY_ORG: RT @linuxfoundation: Weekend Project: Replace Delicious with an Open Source Bookmark Service http://bit.ly/gRHWBj #linux
    Fri 24-Dec-2010 16:55:27 PST



  • Stratofox_Team: RT @SBAY_ORG: #SBAY Pizza tonight at 7pm at Pizza My Heart at 117 E San Carlos, San Jose, CA http://www.sbay.org/dir-sj-dt-pmh.html
    Sat 15-Jan-2011 11:29:27 PST
  • Stratofox_Team: "The New Race to Space" book by @i_eric mentions Amateur Radio throughout, essential to 2004 space rocket #hamr #hamradio
    Tue 11-Jan-2011 18:18:15 PST
  • Stratofox_Team: Interested in joining Stratofox? http://stratofox.org/join Feb 5 CNSP balloon flight counts for participation requirement
    Tue 11-Jan-2011 17:42:51 PST
  • Stratofox_Team: Stratofox will support California Near Space Project balloon altitude record attempt Sat Feb 5 #newspace #hamradio
    Tue 11-Jan-2011 17:39:51 PST
  • Stratofox_Team: Follow @i_eric Eric Knight! KB1EHE, author of "The New Race to Space" about CSXT's 2004 all-volunteer space launch #newspace
    Tue 11-Jan-2011 17:22:24 PST
  • Stratofox_Team: RT @ikluft: Thanks to Eric Knight for fantastic credits to @Stratofox_Team (including me) in his book "The New Race to Space" #newspace
    Tue 11-Jan-2011 17:09:20 PST
  • Stratofox_Team: On our announce mail list: Eric Knight's book "The NEW Race to Space" is out http://bit.ly/hgbu6V #newspace
    Tue 4-Jan-2011 13:42:54 PST
  • Stratofox_Team: RT @ikluft: Eric Knight's "The NEW Race to Space" book has chapter about @Stratofox_Team search/recovery of CSXT space rocket #newspace
    Tue 4-Jan-2011 10:21:38 PST
  • Stratofox_Team: RT @ikluft: Book by my friend Eric Knight "The NEW Race to Space" is out, about CSXT space shot http://thenewracetospace.com/ #newspace
    Tue 4-Jan-2011 10:21:31 PST



  • SVWUX: RT @SBAY_ORG: #SBAY Pizza tonight at 7pm at Pizza My Heart at 117 E San Carlos, San Jose, CA http://www.sbay.org/dir-sj-dt-pmh.html
    Sat 15-Jan-2011 11:30:47 PST
  • SVWUX: Nanobridge dish affixed Thurs at CMUSV pointing to NASA comms. CMU server is in hand and being configured. Rest of install hoped 4 nxt wk.
    Sat 15-Jan-2011 01:00:58 PST


pizzaseqnum 208
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